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Carmody and Company Solicitors has built a significant reputation in Personal Injuries* litigation, at all times striving to ensure that their clients achieve the best possible outcome that the law will permit.
Our dedicated team of Personal Injuries* Solicitors make this commitment to every client. They also make a commitment to explain the legal process in simple terms, to expedite that process, and to act in your best interest at all times.

Types of Personal Injuries claims*;-

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Slip, trip and fall Injuries
  • Product liability
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Personal injuries arising from medical negligence*

Our Personal Injuries* Solicitors have a real understanding of the issues concerned.

Commonly asked questions;-

How long will my claim take?
This is a frequently asked question and it is also an understandable one.

Every case is different. We will at our initial consultation, explain the process to you and the typical timelines involved. We will, at all times, keep you updated as to the progress of your case.

How much will I get?

This is also a frequently asked question. Again, every case is different . Click here to see the PIAB Book of Quantum.

There is no insurance company, can I still make a claim?

In certain road traffic claims even where there is no insurance, you are still entitled to make a claim for personal injuries, loss and other damages. This situation is governed by the MIBI (Motor Insurer's Bureau of Ireland) fund. This will be explained to you in full at your initial consultation. 

Will it involve me going to court?

Where liability has been admitted most personal injuries cases do settle out of court. Again, the reasons why in certain cases it might be necessary for you to go in to court will be explained to you at your initial consultation.

Car damage – will the other side/insurance company pay for my car damage straight away?

We have a proven track record of expediting claims for car damage, car hire and depreciation. Our aim is always to get this aspect of the matter resolved as quickly as possible.

I have just had an accident, what steps should I take?

  1. Have you reported the accident to the Gardai? If you are in any doubt you should do so.
  2. If the accident is a road traffic collision, have you exchanged insurance details with the other driver? It is important that you make every effort to get those details either directly from the other driver, or arrange for the Gardai to obtain them for you as quickly as possible.
  3. Have you taken the details of any eye witnesses to include their names, addresses and other contact details? In cases where fault is disputed, it is very important that you try and get these details as quickly as possible as your Solicitor will make every effort to engage with any relevant witnesses without delay. Having the details to hand when you visit or contact your Solicitor, will make that process more efficient and so much easier for you.
  4. Have you taken a photograph of the accident scene, the damage to the car(s), or any other relevant evidence? Again, in cases where fault is disputed, this is very important.

Personal Injuries Assessment Board/PIAB Process;-

In many cases the victims of accidents can in fact pursue their own claims without the assistance of a Solicitor. The PIAB process was introduced by legislation in 2004 and is designed to avoid the necessity for victims of straightforward accidents to go to the expense of engaging a Solicitor. We are happy to take you through that process. 

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement



Evening, weekend, and out of office appointments, where necessary, can also be arranged.
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